Chasteuil Locations, depuis 1995

At the entrance of the Gorges du Verdon on the GR4 hiking trail

A 10 km de Castellane - A l'entrée des Gorges du Verdon 2014-8-19-19 59 43.jpg

Rooms for Adventure

Chasteuil Locations is a group of holiday accommodations own and run  by Nancy and Pascal since 1995, in a charming little hamlet. They include a house called, Le Château de Chasteuil,*** a Studio,** and a few private rooms with bathrooms.

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Sur le GR4
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Nourriture et produits de première nécessité pour les Ukrainiens à Castellane

With the money collected since March 2022 OUR GOAL is to help two Ukrainian refugee families in Castellane which consist of 7 adults and 7 children, including 2 babies.

Every week, Nancy and Pascal buy and deliver food and basic necessities to their place of accommodation in Castellane.
We also visit them about twice a week to answer their questions, give them administrative advice, get them things they won't find in Castellane.

Please check out our crowdfunding for them on GoFundMe and consider donating.

Thank you, Nancy Herfield and Pascal Beguin.


Food and Essentials for Ukrainians in Castellane

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